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About Us


MIND over matter offers you hypnosis treatments according to the latest techniques and methods. Our practice is located in Greymont, Johannesburg and we work from the privacy of our home. Our newly renovated cottage provides the perfect quiet space for a treatment.


Four of the most common myths about hypnosis


People seem to think one goes under hypnosis, like and anaesthetic or going under water like scuba diving, this is what people expect but will not experience. Hypnosis is a gradual cycling down of the brain and will therefore not feel like sleeping or diving.


You go into hypnosis not under,it is rather like day dreaming.


Secondly people perceive themselves to be too much of a control fanatic or to strong, to experience hypnosis. The truth is that the more you are a control fanatic, the easier you will go in. We find working with people who focus such as sports people, musicians, painters or anyone who can concentrate on a task are much easier to work with than others.


Thirdly people perceive hypnosis as an in-depth investigation into the hidden private areas of the subconscious. Hypnosis practitioners do not go back to treat nor investigate your private thoughts, the psychologists will do the root cause process, hypnosis practitioners attempt to assist the client to change an existing negative behaviour into a positive. Hypnosis is just a tool that is used to bring about positive change, sometimes working in conjunction with other therapists such as psychologists.


Fourthly, the only people who cannot make use of Hypnosis are deaf people and those that have any form of brain retardation.


Kuno Tschumi has been trained by the well known hypnosis practicioner and Principal / Founder of  SAMHA (South African Modern Hypnosis Academy) John Dutton.


Click on "treatments" for a detailed list. I am working from home and bookings are essential.

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